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make up. not an easy thing. needs a lot of practice, but it's fun and exciting to find new products and way to apply it. the best tools ever are our hands, remember!
here i'm posting some tools which i think are the basic.
we're talking about the brushes! and little more.

powder blush brush by mac - i use this brush also for bronzer and powder, even if  it's not suppossed to be used that way.
it's quite a personal thing, i like to think.

foundation brush by mac - this brush is meant ot be used to apply your liquid foundation, it's a quit big flat brush. this application gives you more coverage. it's very professional, though.

i prefer to use my hands, the coverage is more sheer, natural and i can blend the edges better.

eyelash curler by shu emura - this tool makes your lashes look more curled, obviously! it's easy to use, just pay a little attention. one suggestion, never curl your lashes with the mascara on. they will stick on it and you'll rip them off.

blending brush by mac - well, this brush can be use in different ways. i like to apply my concealer with this brush, it's soft and fluffy, it blends perfectly all the edges of you concealer or you shadow. in fact if you need to soften your eyeshodow, this is a perfect tool.

eyeliner brush by mac - you'd need a good eyeliner brush if you would use a gel eyeliner. it's an easiest way to make a perfect line. go for it! this year on every catwalk simple liner with a hit of color on the eyelid, or just beautiful bright lipstick

as i've said before hands are the best tools, you can have a little help from you trusty cotton bud and make up remover. have fun (but stay natural)! i.
chcek out some 'youtube gurus':

pixiwoo's - make up artists uk

cliomakeup - make up artist italy

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