london calling

punk is not dead.  my favorit thing to do in general, is to watch people on ths street. that's why i love big cities on the other hand i find big centers very reductive in terms of fashion (honestely, they all look kinda same to me). in london you can feel that punk vibe everywhere. this city has a good amount of authentic proper thought.

it's lovely to meet people, but i think it's even better to sneek on them.

new-romantic. neoromatic. whatever. i found many shops with this kind of fashion and honestly what's wrong on a georgeus light white dress and flower accessories. nothing. i like this style and shops look really pretty.

on the camden market you can find e v e r y t h i n g seriously every single thing you have in mind. you need
to put yourself into the research but at the end you'll find what you were dreaming about. the best things to go for is hand made stuff in my opinion, is limited prescious and someone have spent his time to make it.

as i always say simple eyeliner is always the best choice. in london or not.

the best thing is when you're around looking for a scarf, or something that might catch your eye and you hear 'the smiths' underneath. that was my best london moment.
london is not my favorit city, but lot of stuff that came from there or even other part of england i truly love. i.

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