milano design week 2011 and me

milan design week 2011 ended on sunday.
it 's a week during which every year i experience the same conflicting feelings.

on the one hand milan awakes, there are people on the street at any time of the day and the night what is more important their smiling finally! the city seems to be more international and lots of people using their bikes: that makes me happy!

the other side of the week that is hateful for me: i live in the area where the show is hosted, covered whith lots of shows and exhibitions, i find myself unable to move even with my bike, have to elbowing to get home, i wonder if all these people are there to seek real beauty or just to be present on every event play cool with their fancy dresses: that makes me sad!

going around the area in ventura lambrate (via massimo, 25)  i saw this and i said to myself,
here's how i would if i were an object of design.

Crystal Ball di Matteo Zorzenoni per edition of six

light light on the one hand, that can be broken easily but even fly and on the other hand hard, heavy, made of marble as milan which i love and hate at the same time but which is still special and dear. s.

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