do it yourself

the reason why this diy is in b/w is 'cos you can use any color you want and like! you'd need:
a pair of old moccasin (these particular ones are veeery old and ugly)
 1st obtion: take some wooden beads
 put them on a lace. you can do a pair or even more.
 make a knot and that's it.
 2nd obtion: take a broach or something similar and place it over the lace
 and hide the final part
 mix your favorit color, use fabric color or just acrylic as i did
 paint the front part and leave it dry
 voilà! two versions done! choose your favorit or leave your fantasy run

here they are! perfect with absolutely everything!
have fun. take care! i.
(all the pohotos by begentlewithiv)

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