p a r i s

september is a perfect month to go to paris. not many tourists, weather is fine and some interesting events happen. i love paris since first time i've been there. it's impossible to tell you why paris is so great. you have to try yourself.

i've been having my coffee by starbucks and this guy knocked on the window and he goes like 'hey there, common take a picture' than he wanted to check, he smiled at me and said bye. 

notterdamme. i mean really beautiful, but hey it's a church like the others.

centrepompidou the museum of modern art, galleries, events even the structure itself of this center is cool. they don't have anything from jean-michele basquiat. not good.

merci is a concept store definitely to check out. clothing, shoes, accessories, jewellery (expensive :) but also lots of genial stuff for kitchen paper things and really cool library with cafè!

maison-objet is a design exhibition. home stuff basically. laying in 8 different halls, really big fair. definitely to check out hall 7 'now! design a vivre'. full of some really cool things for every kind of utility.
one for all this thing right here!! i want it so badly!

these little touching moments (and the metro) makes paris my very favorite city.

take care.   i.

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