being partially stupid

I know. No one really likes to hear that he’s stupid, but I think it’s time to admit it.

Like lately, one of the rebel group in Palestine has kidnapped an Italian volunteer. The group gave 30-hour deadline for their demands, but the volunteer was killed right after the kidnap. I thought, I’m a bit stupid apparently because I did not understand quite well why this happened.

Another case, there are too many people coming to the Italian coast from north Africa and seek a political asylum. Plenty of north Africans aged 20 – 30 years come every day to Italy and look for the freedom and better life conditions. I’d like to see the state of Italy helping these people, but instead of being grateful for at least to have a place where to stay, something to eat and wait for their case to be solved, these people go around and rape, kill and steal. Than there was this program on TV where a group of north African refugees, who live in France, spoke about an incredible story of surviving and willing to be good people with a regular job.

As the matter of the fact - My inner world split in two pieces. I realize that I’m on the point where my brain can’t support these kind of contradictions anymore. I am partially stupid.

Seriously I’m not going to give you my idea because, I do not have one. I’ve programmed myself to accept this news as they come and all this,  through my hunger to know and be able to distinguish one case from the other and one feeling from the other. I feel partially stupid. i.

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