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last february my boyfriend went to NY and when he came back, he brought me a beautiful present: the mieko mintz’s fashion creation. mieko is a fashion designer set in ny city which has a really cute shop in soho. among her creation i have received rayon spandex scarf that u can use in a different ways, creating your personal convertible looks!
it’s really fun.
here u can see my personal interpretation (all photos by begentlewithiv)

as i think that convertible looks have turned up in popular fiction as well, i find other amazing creations that i'd like to share with u.

donna karan infinity dress: versatile design that can be styled in an infinite number of ways

four-in-one jackets and convertible coats have gained a cultlike devotion at harputs own, a san francisco clothier and online retailer. watch the videos



here below u can see how to realize two different convertible clothes. i really like them and i'll try to make my own


as u know i love foulards (check my old posts about it), so ivana sends me the video below where u can find 9 different ideas to use a foulard. the scarf purse and the turban are absolute my favourite. check it out!

the appeal of these clothes is “not about money”, people are buying them to play with. they want to push their creativity, maybe everyone wants to be a stylist! people that like these are savvy, they want the kinds of clothes other people don’t have. b.

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