31/05/1979 and a penny for your thoughts

i don't really understand life. or maybe it's just me being very complicated. i'd like to put this complicated unsolved 'me' somewhere far away and pretend to be a 'normal' person, everytime someone let me down, but then...
that complicated part of me makes everything appear more interesting and alive. people are strange, people do not care, people pretend every second of their lives, people don't see a beauty, people just want and want more, people making their lives flat and sad, faking friendship and love, their constanly afraid of themselves.
i'm fine, because i'm not afraid of my feelings whatever are they. i know what i feel in every second and i will never be afraid to tell.
i'm not complicated, i'm just thinking hard and that makes me complicated.
'i'm fucking crawling out of my skin.' sure.

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