DMY - international design festival in berlin 1 - 5 June

dmy-berlin.com is an important festival of design in berlin. located in tempelhof-flughafen, ex-airport. there you can find a main stage. full of natural light (this fact apparently hits me the most) and lots of talented inspired young people doing their own things.
Principaly you can find the most of the 'things' on the main venue, but around the city of berlin there are many workshops, exhibitions and events. all you need to do is choose whatever you like and go. check the web site to find out things like costs of the tickets, how to get there (very easy by metro) and all the others venues across the city.
definitely worth it, if you're into design.
i've noticed and i was very positively surprise that all the products showing in festival are recycle and eco. true essence and idea of this festival is that. incredibly essential and pure, but very inovative and smart.
during the festival you can participate on different workshops, for example you can learn how to grow your own mushrooms. many of these workshops are for free,  others are for free only for students, but after all if you're interested in design it's very easy decision.

here below you can find some pics i've snapped on dmy. enjoy. i.
(all the photos by begentlewithiv)

tempelhof flughafen berlin - main entrance

tempelhof flughafen berlin - back view

berlin is an incredible city and i'm in love with berlin.

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